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5 Daily Audio Lessons

Each morning you'll have access to an audio lesson from me to get you out of your funk and back to your better self!

5 Daily Activity Sheets

Along with the audio lesson, you'll get an Activity Sheet to take notes, track your progress and stay engaged.

Facebook Community

Hang out with other people taking the Funk-Free Challenge too! Each day you'll get a prompt to share and connect.

Challenge begins December 4


5-Day Funk-Free Challenge

Tired for feeling stuck? Get ready for five empowering days that will once and for all get you out of your head, off the couch, and rid of your funk. Taught by bestselling author, Broadway actress and top empowerment coach Leslie Becker!

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5 Days of Funk-Clearing Lessons

Meet your funk-free coach...

Hey I'm Leslie!

I've had a wonderfully creative life as a Broadway actress, Billboard artist, Bestselling author and life-long empowerment coach. And as a creative for all those years, I can promise you that I've been in tons of funks in my life. But I've also always been great at getting out of them. That's why I created this funk-free challenge--to help you get out of your funk too. Because you deserve to feel unstoppably creative everyday so you can share your special gifts with the world!

What are you waiting for?

Jump into the Funk-Free Challenge! And remember, you are NOT your funk and your funk isn't forever...even when it feels like it.

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