Why I write...

I’ve always loved words. They are the building blocks that give us our life. They can empower or destroy, transfix or transform. And when used impeccably, they can resonate so loudly as to leave people speechless. I use them to evoke emotion, take an audience on a journey, or set them on a melody so perfectly, they can sing.

Book & Lyrics by Leslie Becker

Music by Michael Hunsaker

Adult Jack and Jill meet adult Dick and Jane... then all hill breaks loose in this delightful tale of innocence lost and found. Adult audiences will rediscover themselves in these iconic childhood characters.

World Premiere 2024.

Production Inquiries

Book & Lyrics by Leslie Becker

Book, Music & Additional Lyrics by Curtis Rhodes

When an upper class British family gets shipwrecked on an island, class lines starts to blur in this Downton Abbey-esque musical based on J.M. Barrie's The Admirable Crichton.

World Premiere 2017.

Production Inquires