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"No person, event or comment should ever stop you from using your creative gifts."



Well hello! I'm Leslie

I've had a pretty cool life. I've been a Broadway actress, charted Billboard artist, bestselling author and a top empowerment coach. I believe our talents are a privilege and a gift, and it’s important to embrace them every day. And while I'm proud of the things I've created in my life, I'm most proud of helping others do the same. Join me in finding your unstoppably creative life.

Don't put me in a box.

Most creatives have many talents.

These are mine...

Writing  Coaching  Singing  Songwriting

Voiceover   Book & Lyrics Copywriting

and who knew? Furniture Flipping! 

Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 7.08.31 PM.png

I love to create
something from nothing.

An amazing thing happens when your creative brain meets your logical brain. It's like an explosion of pure magic that's filled with possibility and abundance. And when we learn to harness that space and bring it into fruition, we truly become the creators of the world!

Being unstoppably creative means that no person, event or comment will stop using your creative gifts. We are responsible for using the gifts God gave us, and only we can choose what we want to put into the world and what we want to leave in our wake.

Choose wisely.

Leslie Becker Philosophy

Step 1:

decide what you want.

Leslie Becker Philosophy

Step 2:

believe it's possible.

Leslie Becker Philosophy

Step 3:

go out and do it.

my philosophy.

I believe there are only two kinds of people...

Those who go around saying what they want to do...

And those who actually do what they say.

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