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Meet Leslie Becker

I believe there are two kinds of people.

Those who go around "saying" what they want to do.

And those who actually do what they say.

For 20+ years I have been coaching creative types, entrepreneurs and people up to big things in life.

I too have lived a big life. And while I'm proud of the things I've accomplished, I am most proud of helping others to do the same.

Here's what I can do for you...

Human potential is far greater than most people realize.


Within each of us lies a giant, destined to share our greatest gifts with the world...and that includes YOU!


As a Life and Success Coach for more than 20 years, I've been honored to support and guide hundreds of actors, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to create a career and a life that they love.


My clients have won Emmy's, Tony's and Grammy's. They have started, run and sold successful businesses. They have performed on Broadway and on major film and TV projects, created global organizations, and in general, are making a mark on the world in a way that only they can.

In addition, they have discovered more joy, freedom and clarity in their lives. They have found what truly juices them up and are making their mark on the world. And they have strengthen their relationships with others, and most importantly, with themselves.

I maintain a small list of curated private clients who are up to something awesome and looking for guidance, clarity and confidence. If you are ready to invest in yourself and finally say "This is who I am. This is what I want. And this is how I'm going to get it," then click below to set up a free 30-minute Coaching Session so we can see if we are a good match.


Here are some guidelines...

We will be a great match if...

  • You have so much you want to accomplish but not sure where to start...no worries, I help you get clarity!

  • You're a creative and need some help getting and staying focused, organized and making consistent progress!

  • You are just feeling super stuck, you're in a funk, but with some guidance you know you'll be fierce!

  • You know you have something great to offer and you want to grab it, own it and share it with the world!

  • You know exactly what you want but you are terrified to go after it because what if you fail, or even worse...succeed.

Our relationship will NOT work if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix. I ask a lot of my clients because they came to me for guidance. Sculpting a life takes hard work, patience and a whole lot of fun. If you are not willing to do that work, this is not a good fit.

  • You are only willing to look at the problems and excuses. We work only on solutions. I'm not your mom or your therapist. We take action and focus on the present and building a future. The past is the past and can't be changed.

  • You are not ready to make the financial commitment to coaching. Think of our coaching as a long term investment in yourself. I work joyfully to help YOU be successful. My clients experience unexpected transformation, joy, resilience and success in their lives. Coaching is not free and I don't do "Can I take you to coffee?" meetings.

If you're ready to jump in for a fun and free 30 minutes with me...click the link below and let's get going!

Let's Work Together



2.5 Hours

Let's give you a good

power shot of confidence

and clarity so you can thrive.



3-6 month packages

Let's set up an active plan and program to help you create the career and life you love



6-12 months

Let's get your personal

project started, finished

and out in the world



Power in Community

Let's connect you to a network of amazing humans all up to something big

Kind Words from Happy Clients


Sasha Dylan Bell

Award-Winning Film Editor

Leslie has a way of making me feel instantly at ease and that shepherding my growth is an absolute priority to her.  An exceptional listener, she often recognizes my own needs before I do, identifying what’s holding me back and pushing me consistently past my limits. After only a few sessions, she quickly helped me dig down to what really mattered and has been guiding me to do less and achieve more ever since. In the time I've been working with Leslie, I’ve grown in a million small ways, but also taken some big leaps towards massive changes in my life that I was too scared (or confused) to take prior. And with her help, I’m fired up to see what the next five months and beyond brings!


Jordan Wall

Actor, Series Regular "The Glades," "Hileah"

Leslie gave me the tools to direct my life and my career upward. Her passion for seeing me as the individual I am, and her drive to help me achieve my actual goals, allowed me to be completely honest with her and myself, kicking off a journey where I could finally release myself of the past and be the best version of myself today. Now I am sharing gifts in both my career and personal life that I nearly convinced myself were impossible.


Christine Su

Owner/CEO of My Financial Counsel

I would not have been able to get out of my own head to start a fintech company had it not been for Leslie. After years in banking then in startups, I knew it was time to leave to start my company. However, my mind and body were a mess from being a workaholic - insomnia, back pain, overthinking, self-doubt. I was embarrassed to be suffering from what I considered to be first world problems, and paralyzed from the overwhelming amount of self-help articles and books that made me feel worse. Leslie helped pull me out of the funk by assigning actionable steps and exercises, as well as providing accountability. She helped me regain control over the inner critic and rebuild my sense of self by identifying values that matter to me and shedding others that were imposed by society / family / work but never sat well with me. In 6 months, I was finally able to get out of my own way and go full speed into starting my company, with a stronger mind and body. Leslie was crucial in my journey of re-investing in myself. Thank you, Leslie, for helping me get back on track.

Arnold Serame

Lighting Designer, Owner of Serame Designs

All I can say is ‘Call Leslie!’ She reinforces that this is my life, my dreams, my goals, and it is up to me to put it into action to transform my life from one I hope for, to one I’m actually living. Leslie’s coaching has created life-altering new habits and methods that I continue to put into practice every day. Call her.


Jeffrey Schecter

Actor, Owner I Can Do That Dance School, NYC

Leslie’s ability to actively listen and hear what you want and need, mixed with her years of knowledge, creates a space for you to open doors you didn’t know were possible.  Beyond all this she is just a good, kind, and beautiful person. You are lucky to be in her presence, and she lets you know that she is also lucky to be in the presence of you.  Don’t hesitate to soak up anything Leslie has to offer.  She is simply the best and will change your life for the better!


Jeremiah Crowell

Emmy Award winning Cinematographer & Director

Leslie is an excellent personal and career coach. She quickly helped me to recognize my past achievements, define my career aspirations, and move with confidence toward achieving them. And it worked. I am now living a good part of the life I envisioned in sessions with Leslie, I return to her whenever I'm making a new transition in my career.